Remove pimples with ice

Pimples can be removed without popping them. Strange as it may sound but it can be done. It takes little more time but its less messier. Ok this method is called the “Ice pack method”. The method is fairly simple and easy to use. Follow these steps :-

You got to have three things before hand  ice pack,Benzoyl peroxide and cotton

Step 1~ Cleansing your face

Wash your face with an acne cleanser to remove any surface oils and dirt. Then wipe your face with  some cotton.

Step 2~ Freezing the pimple

wrap some ice cubes in a foil and apply it directly on the pimple area. Apply for as long as you can control the pain( usually 5-10 mins unless you are superman!) The ice  will freeze the pus and the surrounding skin and prevent any more oils and bacteria from spreading.

Step 3~ Pimping the Pimple

right after you remove the ice pack rub healthy amount of Benzoyl Peroxide or any other drying agent you know of. What Benzoyl peroxide does is that it helps to dry any oils that have spread inside the hair pores.

Repeat these 3 steps Every 5-6 hours and you will find the pimple gone the very next day.